traceM®: Construction Management. Reinvented.

With focus on smart and clear work-packages, traceM® is a leading mechanical completion software on the market.

Brief description

traceM® as an individual Cloud Service offers one of the most effective Methods to reach your Projects Goals on target. Construction Work Packages, Instrumentation and Control Loops, Punch Issues or Function Points, whatever Control Item you need, traceM® transfers it into your Project Life. traceM® comes with an easy to learn Web-Interface, letting start your Project Control immediately. The ISE company supports your project to choose the right traceM® features and create them into the most effective workflow.

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Your benefits

Integration of your customer into the project processes increases the chances to fulfill the real requirements. This especially counts for „internal“ customers

Focus on small and clear work-packages (increments) minimizes risk factors

Distributed Cloud Architecture as a Webservice → anywhere anytime!

Individual Analysis and Reports


No Hardware Costs

No Installation Efforts

No Maintenance Costs

No Update / Revision Expenses


Server-Side Backups and Updates

Available on Smartphone and Tablet Browsers

Individual Multi-User Profiles

Compact Project Statistics


Export via ASCII Format

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Incredible Features

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mechanical completion

Mechanical completion

traceM® configured as MC platform enables your project to follow up the completion process by discipline, lot, system, location and whatever criteria is important for you. Hereby traceM® makes useful joins between lot-structure and system-structure, which is essential to handover systems to commissioning and startup. Additional structures and groups can be configured to organize work packages or contract relevant typical assignments.
punch list

Punch list

Punch Items or so called Open Issues are action points to be done in terms of completeness, repair, corrections or additional functionality. traceM® gives your project members the platform to interchange all the relevant information at one common point: descriptions, comments, status, file attachments, history, etc.. This consistent basis guarantees transparency for all stakeholders at any time at any place.
project status control

Project status control

According to the principles of a distributed project team traceM® provides the perfect environment to have your project status under control. Nowadays iterative and incremental processes rise up the needs exactly for what traceM® is ready to deliver: a cloud based distributed architecture, mulit-user capable, version control, consistent data at one single point of access, to tell only the most important attributes. Whatever requirements your project brings out, traceM® assure your team and all stakeholders transparency and access to the data necessary for any decision making your project successful.
Graphic_ Recipe Management

Recipe management

The core of this functionality is the manufacturing process and its products. The recipes include information about the process steps, recourses needed and components involved. traceM® administrate this set of information by assigning recourses, order number, due dates, customer information and other additional data, which can be defined free and flexible. The open cloud architecture of traceM® provides hereby an ideal platform to manage your recipes from desk or remote via a tablet pc. A complete production control can be realized with traceM® Recipe Management.

Workflow customizable

Making your individual workflow real, traceM® can be configured status by status, user group by user group. With this feature traceM® becomes highly adaptable to whatever project environment. Status transactions and their communication perfectly fit to your project.

Historical log

traceM® logs all progress-relevant information changes, which are status changes, additional notes, upload of files, changes within the data record itself, changes of assignments, etc.. With this feature your project becomes completely consistent in data and makes your managers able to trace the whole completion process. The log data includes by minimum: timestamp, user, field changed and the change itself.

User management

traceM® comes with a detailed user management. Users can be assigned to user groups with different system rights. More specific rights can be assigned within the workflow configuration. Enabling and disabling users can be used to control user access or to manage license accounts.
Graphic_ Email Tracking

Email tracking

For all status changes traceM® offers the option to follow up your project progress by tracking via Email. Hereby traceM® triggers an Email to your configured individual Email-Address or even to all users of a user group for which this issue / item is important to follow up.


traceM® comes with a brief and compact statistical report, giving an overview about your project at one view! The basic report classes are Status, Impact and Category but can be customized and adapted for your project individual. More extended reports like graphical curves or bar graphs are available as well. As a useful structure your reports can also be aligned to your work breakdown structure – this makes the synchronization with your scheduling department much more effective.
Graphic_ Multi Lingual


traceM® comes as an multi-lingual platform, which can be configured for each user separately. Herby traceM® offers a variety of more than 50 languages, from bulgarian to ukrainian.

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“Excellent service guaranteed!”

I highly recommend using ISE Industrial Projects for all your construction project requirements. ISE developed an individual completion workflow, fitting ideally to our project environment. With the traceM® mechanical completion tool we managed our working teams safe and precisely, having project control at any time at any place.”
– Volker Gil, Construction Manager, E.ON Kraftwerke GmbH


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